Purchase MBA

MBA price is 25€.

1) Click and run the "Setup 2.1" program hereunder. MBA will then be installed on your computer, but won't run until the key is present.
2) Click and run the "Key" program hereunder. This will allow me to send you the key by mail as soon as your payment has been received.
3) Purchase MBA, clicking on the Euros (Paypal) or by sending a cheque at the address shown in Contact.

For any question, please use the Contact section.

Setup 2.1           Key

If you already bought MBA, upgrades are free. Regularly check this date : 13/02/2010, if your program (Mba.exe) is older, it means a newer version is available. To install it, just run "Setup 2.1", that will replace your old version with the new one, your key remaining valid.

Try the DEMO version of MBA

A demo version of MBA is freely available, clicking and running "Setup Demo" hereunder. This version does not require a key to run.

With this version you can :

- Calculate the par of a deal
- Load deals from files
- Enter a deal manually
- Run basic statistics
- Display details of duplicate matches

But you cannot :

- Change cards or window size
- See MBA card by card analysis
- Save a deal
- Run complete anaysis
- Print matches and arrowed decks

Setup Demo

Purchase white stickers

When you have MBA, you can print sets of boards on sticking labels, allowing you to replay these boards with friends, as if using arrowed decks.
MBA will print the set on 52 labels to be sticked at the back of the cards of a complete deck.
The box of 1800 white labels (100 sheets of 18 labels each, so roughly 33 sets possibly printable) is sold for 25€.
Mail me your address via the Contact section, so I can send them to you, then purchase the stickers clicking on the Euros (paypal), or by sending a cheque.

Purchase duplicate matches

You can otherwise purchase sets of 10 duplicate matches of 24 boards each, that you can replay at home with friends. 2 kits are available :

- Kit 1 (paper) : 15€ for 10 matches
For each match you receive :
4 colored sheets allowing each player to prepare his own hand
1 scoring sheet
1 sheet showing the contracts achieved at the 2 other tables
1 sheet showing the 24 diagrams as well as "theoretical pars"

- Kit 2 (paper+stickers) : 25€ for 10 matches
In addition to Kit 1, you receive the 52 sticking labels to be placed at the back of the cards of a complet deck, allowing you to replay the match as if using arrowed decks.

Here are the available sets :

Kit 1                   Kit 2

French Set

International Set

Mail me your address via the Contact section, so I can send these sets to you, then purchase them clicking on the appropriate Euros buttons (paypal), or by sending a cheque. You will also receive the file corresponding to the set you bought, so that you can see how the champion's played, boards after boards and cards after cards. Test