Master Bridge Analyser (MBA) deeply analyses "double dummy" a bridge deal. It uses a DD engine developped by Bo Haglund. It runs under Windows only .
Analysed deals can be randomly dealt by the computer, manually entered (in order to anayse a specific deal), or loaded from .PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) ou .LIN (created by BBO (Bridge Base Online)) files. For manually entered deals, you can either enter each card of each player, enter constraints about distribution or HCP's (I want East to have at least 5 spades and 15 to 17 points), or mix both types. MBA analyses an entire deal as well as a puzzle (ie the last tricks of a hand where player's only have a few cards left).
The analysis finds out the maximum number of tricks each player can make in every possible trump suit. This calculation is done assuming each player sees the four hands and plays at his best. All these results then allow to establish the "theoretical par" of the deal.
It is also possible to analyse card by card the issue of a particular contract, the cards of the player in hand appearing in a colored background showing whether the contract is cold or if it has no more chances to be made. Being able to read .LIN format allows you to analyse almost real time a deal you would see following a BBO live transmission for example.


It is also possible to launch statistics analysis about the percentages certain contracts have to succeed. You can for example enter North-South hands, enter constraints about East-West hands (East has 5 hearts and an opening hand), and determine the percentage of North-South making 3NT.
You must keep in mind that all these analysis are made double dummy which is sometime counter intuitive to bridge players. The computer will never fail to catch a bare king behind the ace, and if one of two finesses succeeds, he will find it for sure. However we may consider that on a great number of deals this phenomenon will advantage declarer as well as defenders. In fact the truth is that for high level contracts (slams), double dummy analysis advantages declarer more often, whereasa in partial contracts the defense is more likely to be favorised.

User friendly

As you can see on screen shots, MBA is a very user friendly software, different screen sizes and a large choice of cards being available for maximum confort. All entries are done with a mouse click and help screens can be displayed constantly.

Duplicate play

If you are frustrated to play bridge with friends because you cannot compare your score with other players and therefore are not sure of having reached the right contract, MBA also allows 4 players to play in a duplicate mode. Loading a .LIN file where a duplicate match has been saved, MBA allows to replay these boards (up to 24) and compare your score with what the champions did. The "print" menu will print on 4 different sheets the hands of North, West, South and East. Each player will then have to prepare his own hand (the one corresponding to board 1 to start with) and play the board (this requires obviously 4 decks of cards to allow each player to prepare his own hand). You can then compare your score with the 2 other tables and score it as in a "tripicate" contest. For those who have a computer available during the play, it is also possible to load the .LIN file under MBA and compare board after board not only the results but also bidding sequences and card by card lines of play.
For perfectionnists MBA can also print on sticking pre-cut labels (A4 format) the 52 labels to be sticked at the back of the 52 cards of a deck, and then be able to play the boards as if using prepared "arrowed decks". These labels show at the back of each card, to whom it must be dealt. White labels can be bought on command (25€ for 1800 labels, corresponding to approximately 33 arrowed decks).
A web site is now online with records of most international bridge contests these last years. This represents an almost infinite database to replay matches with friends and be able to compare your scores with the greatest champions, loading the .LIN files and printing the hands with MBA.